Monday, June 14, 2010

Cheetah Soft Release in NamibRand, May 2010

In May 2010, three of our eight cheetah cubs started their journey back to the wild with a soft release in a specially made enclosure near our research base in NamibRand Nature Reserve. Here, volunteer Keith smith writes about their journey....

Leopard Release – Caitlin, March 2010

After arriving with us in late December, N/a’an ku sê finally secured the required permits and a safe site for Caitlin’s release back to the wild. Caitlin had been captured by a farmer and gave birth to three cubs whilst in his care. After the death of one of the cubs, he quickly realised he was unable to raise them and contacted us. In March, Caitlin was anesthetised and blood and stool samples taken and then loaded into the capture cage ready for her translocation the following morning. Volunteer Casper tells us about her release.