Monday, January 16, 2012

Camera trap photos

This zebra doesn't know that there is a predator under that rock it is approaching...

Seems like the leopard was resting under the rock, and is more surprised than the zebra...

On this close-up it is perfectly visible how our courageous zebra challenges its predator...
... and even dares to run after the leopard, chasing it away!

Time to smile! Here are the first camera trap pictures of our male leopard Derek who was released on Sandfontein in late June:

Sandfontein is a Private Nature and Game Reserve located on South African border along the Orange River. The managers Willie and Rodica Agenbach work in partnership with Naankuse conducting predator rehabilitation and monitoring of carnivores. As part of the monitoring, they recently obtained first images of Derek, who was released in June with a GPS collar. He appears to be in excellent physical condition.
THANK YOU to Willie and Rodica for making sure that Derek is well and for providing these images!!!

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