Monday, January 16, 2012

Serval release

In October we received a very special animal: A serval cat was accidentally captured on a hunting property near Windhoek as part of jackal control operations. 

The hunters called Naankuse and Rudie and Marlice darted and retrieved the animal from the gin trap it was captured in. They undertook emergency care of the injury on site, and Marlice then took the animal to Ian Baines, our vet at the veterinary clinic in Windhoek for more intensive treatment. The vet discovered that it had a broken ulna bone in its front leg. Nothing can be done in these cases and the bone will just heal by itself. The wound was sutured and antibiotics were given. Besides this injury, the animal appeared to be in excellent condition. It is a sub-adult but nearly fully grown of approximately 2-3 years of age and its teeth were in very good condition. 

As this was the case, it was decided to re-release it the next day. As it ran off into its freedom, we could see how the animal was already putting its full weight on the leg only one day after the capture and moved on it unrestrained.

Click here to watch the video footage of the release.

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